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Niagara Falls

Upon arrival at Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday morning, I made few shots from the height of the 18th floor. As one gets down to the Niagara Parkway leading to the falls, nothing can prepare for the experience of looking to the never-stopping flow of tons of water.

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge




American Falls

The American and Bridal Veil Falls on the USA side are overpowered by the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. The famous Maid of the Mist boat tour was closed for the season. As I wanted to have the same experience as Marilyn Monroe during the shooting of film Niagara in 1953, I had one choice, The Journey Behind the Falls Walk.

Great Falls Canadian side below








Great Falls Portal

I wish you been there with me. We descended 150 feet by elevator to a tunnel behind the waterfall, leading to the Great Falls Portal, a third of the way along the falls. It gave us a unique opportunity to stand behind the gigantic waterfall, hear its roaring force and look out into the dense water at the same time. At the end of the tour we arrived at a viewing platform allowing us to stand right at the foot of the falls and gaze upwards to the rim. Even with the yellow plastic ponchos provided, we all got wet.


The sign reads: Great Falls Portal. You have explored 200 meters of tunnel, journeying almost one third of the way across the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The mighty Cascade stretches a full 675 meters from Table Rock to Goat Island.



Continuing on the Niagara Parkway South, I came to the point when I had a good shot of the Old Scow. As the story goes, the Old Scow is a steel barge that lodged itself on the rocks in 1918 and hasn't budged since.


The Niagara Parks Green House was just across this place

I found the collections of orchids, and other tropical plant species on display. The workers were preparing for the next seasonal floral show. I took a shot of the largest chrysanthemums I ever saw in my life. I wondered what they feed them with. I saw a few colorful tropical birds flying throughout the greenery. It was impossible to make a picture of the fast changing place's beauties.













On the way back to the Great Falls I saw a double rainbow. It is a phenomenon that inspired many musicians and mundane ice cream container designers. The sun was just in the right sphere and this is first time I felt I could touch the rainbow on the left.










It was the sunniest day of the trip and a view of downtown was stunning.

The organizers of the Niagara Falls trip, Maxine and Sherry, had for us another great experience of visiting Queenston Park, Fort George, Peller Estates Winery and Niagara-on-the-Lake downtown. Click below for the conclusion of the tour:

Niagara-on-the-Lake day

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