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In January 1990 Lana organized a seminar at San Francisco State University School of Business, sponsored by a student organization called the U.S.-Soviet Business Institute, about the latest technologies in Russian software, "U.S.-Soviet Personal Computers."

Lana at the conferenceThe speakers were Russian programmer Alexei Pazhitnov, who wrote the wildly popular Tetris game; Arkady Borkowski, who showed his English-Russian translation program to be marketed in the U.S.; Leonid Evenko, chief of the Department of Management Studies for the USA-Canada Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences; Cecile Shure, export licensing of sensitive technologies specialist; Lee Felsenstein, president of Glav-PC, the US-USSR joint software development venture.

In June 1990 Lana was a translator and organizer for "Silicon Summit," at the Techmart in Santa Clara, which followed Gorbachev's visit, giving U.S. high-technology firms a chance to meet senior representatives of the Soviet computer, telecommunications, and software industries.

The 11-man delegation, comprising directors of major Soviet technology development centers, said they want to trade their technological know-how and product breakthroughs in areas as diverse as robotics, semiconductor manufactoring equipment, chip design equipment, thin film processes, parallel processing and software design. In addition to transferring some key technologies to the USA, the Soviets would like to manufacture some American products in Russia under contract from American companies.

The delegation toured several prominent technology companies, including Sun Microsystems Inc. of Mountain View, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. of Santa Clara, and Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. T.J Rogers, Cypress Semiconductor President wanted so badly to do business with a visiting delegation of Soviet technologists that he put on a capitalist full-court press, complete with stretch limousines and a blaring brass band.

At Cypress Semiconductor

The delegation toured the assembly room at Cypress Semiconductor before making an agreement.




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