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Trade with Russia

Lana Ralston promotes U.S. - Russia business and science cooperation by identifying reliable partners on both sides, bringing decision makers together, facilitating negotiations and assisting in the establishment of mutually beneficial business ventures.

After participating in the 2008 US-Russia World Forum USA-RUSSIA Towards Economic, Political and Cultural Cooperation on May 19-20, 2008, Washington, D.C. Lana received lots of new ideas. If you have a promising technology to sell Russians, please e-mail me.

Most people think of technology as flowing from West to East. Ralston Independent Works (RIW) wants to encourage the flow of Russian technology to the USA. Please read about the conferences Lana organized.

Russia is rich in research and development, a world leader in areas of pure and applied physics, including lasers and submicron optical technology. Faced with a shortage of media storage technology, Russian scientists have devised ways of extending the life of the material: an inexpensive diamond polymer coating technique developed by Russian scientists extends the life of magnetic and optical storage devices by four times, with a reduction in heat.

Russia has invested in submicron lithography, X-ray lithography, and excimer laser lithography. These advances, originally developed for defense purposes, are now available for peaceful use in the in the post-Soviet era.

Trade is a two-way street. Russians are seeking to buy the fiber-optic networking equipment needed in manufacturing.

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